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"Two decks to rule them all, two decks to beat them, Two decks to take them on and eventually defeat them" - Unknown LOTR LCG player


Nightmare Deadman’s Dike – Spoilers

Above are the spoilers for Nightmare Deadman's Dike. This particular Nightmare quest looks insane and I am not quite brave enough to play this quest just yet!  The normal version of this quest is enough of a challenge so it may be some time before I attempt the Nightmare version. I don't think I have …

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Nightmare Review – Intruders in Chetwood

Time for another Nightmare Review! Today I am reviewing Nightmare Intruders in Chetwood. The original version of this quest is one that I really like and play fairly regularly. Now that being said with my playstyle and decks it is actually not the easiest quest for me. I tend to play in a way where …

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Nightmare The Weather Hills – Spoilers

Above are the spoilers for Nightmare The Weather Hills. Unlike Nightmare Intruders in Chetwood the effects on these Nightmare cards are fairly varied although most focus on damaged characters. While it is in staging area Ruined Watch-Tower does damage to characters when Orcs are revealed and the new enemies either punish you for having damage …

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Nightmare Intruders In Chetwood – Spoilers

Hey all! Nightmare Reviews are on the way for Intruders in Chetwood and The Weather Hills but in the meantime I will be posting spoilers for all three Lost Realm Nightmare quests as they currently do not exist on Hall of Beorn or anywhere else online. Above are the spoilers for Intruders in Chetwood. As …

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Turn by Turn Report – Raid on The Grey Havens

Time for another turn by turn report! I have decided I've been playing it a little too safe with these and taking on quests that pose little to no challenge to my decks. To remedy this the quest I am taking on today is Raid on The Grey Havens. A fairly recent quest that is …

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Nightmare Review – Trouble in Tharbad

Time for another Nightmare Review! Today I will be reviewing Nightmare Trouble in Tharbad. Now Trouble in Tharbad is a fantastic quest that features a very unique way of advancing to the final stage. You reduce threat by questing and when all players get to zero threat you advance to Stage 2 ready for a …

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