Nightmare Intruders In Chetwood – Spoilers

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Hey all! Nightmare Reviews are on the way for Intruders in Chetwood and The Weather Hills but in the meantime I will be posting spoilers for all three Lost Realm Nightmare quests as they currently do not exist on Hall of Beorn or anywhere else online. Above are the spoilers for Intruders in Chetwood. As you can see not only are two new side quests added but on top of that pretty much every other card has an ability that can add a sidequest to staging! This is crazy as this quest already features a ton of sidequests and it is extremely easy to get bogged down by them early on if you get a bad start (especially if you reveal the one that takes all cards from each players hand and puts them underneath too early!). Something that is truly nightmarish is that every single one of these cards makes you search not only the encounter deck and discard pile but also the victory display for a specific side quest! This means you can see ANY of the various side quests multiple times throughout a single game and no matter how many times you clear any particular sidequest there is always a chance you will see it again. Not even the victory display is sacred in this Nightmare quest!
As is always the case with Nightmare cards the art is absolutely incredible and my personal favorites are the two new enemies and the side quest: Protect the Breelanders.
Although I am excited to dive into this quest I am pretty worried I am going to get seriously steamrolled! Hope you all enjoyed the spoilers and the other two quests should be up soon!

Admittedly the pictures are not the best quality but here is a link to the imgur album for those interested:


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