Nightmare The Weather Hills – Spoilers

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Above are the spoilers for Nightmare The Weather Hills. Unlike Nightmare Intruders in Chetwood the effects on these Nightmare cards are fairly varied although most focus on damaged characters. While it is in staging area Ruined Watch-Tower does damage to characters when Orcs are revealed and the new enemies either punish you for having damage on characters or for healing damage. There is also a new quest stage that doesn’t appear to be too nasty but time will tell. The treachery Rain-washed Tracks doesn’t seem too bad as I find that with the normal version of this quest I usually rack up resources on the mission objective quite quickly and end up specifically traveling to that location that heals characters and allows you to remove a resource from the mission objective so that I can build my board state further before advancing to the next quest stage. Finally and probably most importantly there is a whole new mechanic/aspect of the quest that is added by the Nightmare version which is the Captured Villagers. You cannot win while one is in play and is guarded by an enemy and you lose if a villager leaves play.

Art on Nightmare cards is always gorgeous and my favorite artwork in this pack would have to be Ruined Watch-Tower and Track the Orcs.
Hope you all enjoyed the spoilers! Deadman’s Dike will be up soon!

Far better quality pictures this time around and here is a link to the imgur album for those interested:


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