Nightmare Deadman’s Dike – Spoilers

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Above are the spoilers for Nightmare Deadman’s Dike. This particular Nightmare quest looks insane and I am not quite brave enough to play this quest just yet!  The normal version of this quest is enough of a challenge so it may be some time before I attempt the Nightmare version. I don’t think I have ever lost the normal version via the effect that makes you lose if your deck runs out of cards and most of the Nightmare cards seem to enchance this mechanic and force you to discard even more cards from the top of your deck. The locations seem especially nasty and are the main focus of the Nightmare cards. There are only two enemies and one of which is just two additional copies of Cursed Dead. Like there weren’t already enough copies of Cursed Dead in this quest… The other enemy the Undead Horde are really neat in the way that they have a similar effect to troll enemies and do “spill over” or “trample” damage in the form of discarding cards from the top of your deck. The new side quest doesn’t seem too bad and the location Palace Ruins is extremely reminiscent of Gladden Marshlands from Nightmare Journey Along the Anduin.

The art is spectacular on these cards and my favorite artwork in this pack would have to be Palace Ruins, Decrepit City and Undead Horde. Hope you all enjoyed the spoilers!

Here is a link to the imgur album for those interested:


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