Current Decks Used – New Decks!

Although I recently posted my new decks in Part 1 of my Nightmare Campaign/Nightmare Review of Shadow of the Past, I have decided to showcase them in an article not only as reference for future articles and reports/reviews and because I have made further recent changes but also just to talk a little bit about what the new Hero and cards bring to the table. First off here are the most current versions of the decks:

Deck 1: The Last Elven Host

Main Deck

Hero (3)
Arwen Undómiel (The Dread Realm)
Elrond (Shadow and Flame)
Galadriel (Celebrimbor’s Secret)

Ally (18)
1x Sulien (The City of Corsairs)
1x Glorfindel (Flight of the Stormcaller)
1x Lindir (The Battle of Carn Dûm)
2x Imladris Stargazer (Foundations of Stone)
2x Northern Tracker (Core Set)
3x Galadriel’s Handmaiden (Celebrimbor’s Secret)
1x Galdor of the Havens (The Treachery of Rhudaur)
1x Gildor Inglorion (The Hills of Emyn Muil)
1x Haldir of Lórien (A Journey to Rhosgobel)
3x Galadhrim Healer (The Dread Realm)
3x Imladris Caregiver (Flight of the Stormcaller)
1x Orophin (Celebrimbor’s Secret)

Attachment (20)
2x A Burning Brand (Conflict at the Carrock)
2x Cloak of Lórien (Celebrimbor’s Secret)
2x Light of Valinor (Foundations of Stone)
3x Miruvor (Shadow and Flame)
2x Silver Harp (The Treachery of Rhudaur)
3x Unexpected Courage (Core Set)
3x Vilya (Shadow and Flame)
3x Nenya (Celebrimbor’s Secret)

Event (14)
3x A Test of Will (Core Set)
2x Dwarven Tomb (Core Set)
2x Elrond’s Counsel (The Watcher in the Water)
3x Elven-light (The Dread Realm)
2x The Galadhrim’s Greeting (Core Set)
2x Daeron’s Runes (Foundations of Stone)

Sideboard                                                                                                                                                            3x Power of Orthanc (The Voice of Isengard)

Deck 2: The Three Hunters

Main Deck

Hero (3)
Aragorn (The Lost Realm)
Gimli (The Sands of Harad)
Legolas (Core Set)

Ally (14)
1x Azain Silverbeard (Flight of the Stormcaller)
1x Boromir (The Road Darkens)
1x Rúmil (The Three Trials)
2x Fornost Bowman (The Dread Realm)
1x Eldahir (The Thing in the Depths)
1x Faramir (Core Set)
2x Naith Guide (The Dunland Trap)
2x Guardian of Arnor (The Battle of Carn Dûm)
3x Gandalf (Core Set)

Attachment (19)
2x Armored Destrier (Temple of the Deceived)
3x Dúnedain Warning (Conflict at the Carrock)
3x Steward of Gondor (Core Set)
1x Sword that was Broken (The Watcher in the Water)
2x Elven Mail (The Three Trials)
3x Gondorian Shield (The Steward’s Fear)
3x Dagger of Westernesse (The Black Riders)
2x Rivendell Blade (Road to Rivendell)

Event (17)
3x Feint (Core Set)
2x Foe-hammer (Over Hill and Under Hill)
2x Hands Upon the Bow (Shadow and Flame)
2x Sterner than Steel (The Flame of the West)
2x Hour of Wrath (The Dread Realm)

3x Sneak Attack (Core Set)
3x Unlikely Friendship (Sands of Harad)

Player Side Quest (1)
1x Send for Aid (The Treachery of Rhudaur)

Sideboard                                                                                                                                                          2x Dunedain Remedy (The Drowned Ruins)
New Hero
Galadriel’s flexibility is astounding and she can provide threat reduction and card draw for either deck and can also provide a strong boost to questing with her Ring. With a copy of UC she can do both every turn and is far more of an asset to my decks than Galdor ever was.  Galdor’s first ability was never utilized that much and it was his second ability and massive card draw alongside his low threat and 2 willpower that was his main role and reason for being in the deck. Although I lose his card draw of a huge 6 cards at once I gain Galadriel’s one card at a time ability which alongside Galdor ally and Elven Light’s card draw more or less makes up for the loss of Galdor hero’s second ability. She also provides more willpower than Galdor does once you get Nenya out and by giving her willpower boost to someone like Elrond you can use it not only to quest but also for quest specific needs such as hide tests. Lastly her ability that allows allies to quest without exhausting the round they enter play is extremely useful and can even be a game saver in certain situations. Strong allies like Gildor, Galdor, Sulien, Haldir, Orophin, Northern Tracker and Glorfindel all benefit greatly from this effect and it can allow them to be both an asset to questing and combat on the turn they enter play. Even weaker allies can be used as chump blockers after questing if need be in a pinch.

Essentially she just brings so much more to the table for the same threat cost than Galdor does. Not using the hero version of Galdor also means I can use his ally version who is incredibly potent in this deck considering once you get him out he can pretty much draw you a card every turn potentially even for free while you also heal or give a resource to a hero (via Arwen or Caregiver) if you have a copy of Silver Harp out. Having a second spirit hero in the deck also helps to play spirit cards more effectively especially if you do not have Vilya set up on Elrond yet. Galadriel also gains the lore icon with Nenya which you will usually see early game anyway at x3 copies so this makes up for the loss of a second lore hero. This doesn’t seem like much but it massively helps this deck play cards faster and more efficiently.

A few other new cards in the decks include:

Hour of Wrath. This event is insanely good for The Three Hunters as I often have plenty of tactics resources towards the end of my games so it can be easily played towards the end of a quest allowing for a huge combat swing. Gimli can defend all enemy attacks with hugely buffed defense and sentinel and then Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas can all attack every enemy engaged with the combat deck and Legolas can also attack every enemy engaged with the The Last Elven Host thanks to having ranged. Between Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli and Aragorn’s inherent -1 defense to engaged enemies they pack quite a punch even without any weapon attachments and very few foes except perhaps bosses will be able to stand against this onslaught. Even when not in valour mode this card can be really great and can still allow Gimli to make several additional defenses or can allow Legolas to make several additional attacks during a single combat phase.

Orophin. Orophin is a fantastic new addition to The Last Elven Host as he has great stats, can return a Silvan ally in the discard pile back to your hand (which combos nicely with the various discard effects in this deck as you can just discard a Silvan ally then get it back later with Orophin) and can perform fantastic double duty as a ranged attacker and quester the turn he enters play with both 2 willpower and attack. Only Elrond’s resources can be used to play him but he only costs 3 and you can always ramp Elrond’s resources with Arwen or even just play Orophin for free with Vilya. In the past Orophin has been included in the combat deck at times but now with Galadriel hero in the mix as well as Orophin’s cheap cost, ability that is more effective in this deck and ranged keyword he is an extremely great ally in The last Elven Host and is far more useful than he ever was in the past.

Hope you enjoyed the read! I am very happy and proud of the new versions of my decks and they are running better and more efficiently than ever before, as is usually the case when I make several new strategic changes. I am quite excited to get my hands on Sands of Harad so that I can use real versions of Gimli and Unlikely Friendship instead of proxies and can also consider making further changes based on the other new player cards in the new Deluxe box. I am considering potentially including a few copies of Greenwood Archer in either deck. In The Last Elven Host Elrond can play them to ready himself or Galadriel after using their rings or can play them for free later in the turn with Vilya which is potentially more useful as they can be played during the combat phase this way readying a hero for an additional defense or attack (even Elrond himself) and they have ranged so can still help The Three Hunters destroy engaged enemies. In The Three Hunters they can be played normally during the planning phase to ready say Elrond or Galadriel after they exhaust to use their rings or can be played with Sneak Attack to ready a hero during the combat phase as well as provide their own decent 2 attack. They could be useful in either deck and it will be a hard choice what to take out if I do end up putting any copies in either of the decks. If you happen to have any suggestions or feedback in regards to this one particular matter or anything else relating to my decks I would love to hear it!




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