Nightmare Helm’s Deep – Spoilers

Here are the spoilers for the Nightmare version of the Saga quest Helm’s Deep. This is the second quest of the Treason of Saruman Saga box and it portrays one of the most epic and thrilling events during the Third Age; the epic Battle of Helm’s Deep! The normal version of this quest is one of the most challenging quests in this game and it will quickly crush weaker or overly thematic decks that cannot hold their ground. The Nightmare version of this quest regardless of what the new cards do is bound to be an absolute monster of a quest. Let’s see what is in store for us!

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Wow…  so the new “boss” enemy is just ridiculously strong and nasty to deal with! Crazy high stats especially his 8 attack as well as a horrible forced effect that triggers if you leave him in the staging area and don’t engage him and face him in combat. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! The new Bloodied Berserker is a fierce foe in its own right and can easily make additional attacks each time it is dealt a shadow card with no effect if you cannot afford to instead place 2 progress on the active location.

The new locations aren’t anything to dismiss in light of the ferocious new enemies as the forced effects on locations like Hornburg Wall and Helm’s Dike can seriously screw you over under certain circumstances. Even Glittering Caves which is somewhat beneficial by allowing you to avoid combat for a turn is not only fairly restrictive, as you can only travel there while on Stage 4B (so otherwise it just contributes extra threat to staging) but it also raises each players threat by 2 once explored which that late in the game could be something that tips the scales in the encounter decks favor or brings you that little bit too close to threating out. Both of the treacheries in this Nightmare quest can absolutely shut players down by either dealing out tons more archery damage on a given round or by stopping you from readying any characters from player card effects for a given round. The second effect (which is on Crippling Weariness) could easily lead to a loss all on its own if you are relying on several readying effects or attachments in order to safely defend against all enemies in play.

I am somewhat excited to play this Nightmare Quest even though I know it will be a slogfest of ridiculous proportions and it may take a stupid amount of attempts to eventually beat or who knows maybe my decks won’t be strong enough to beat it at all!?
I am looking forward to this Nightmare Saga Quest more than I am Journey into the Dark which I expect to be punishing to a point of almost not being fun at all. Only time will tell in regards to both and I hope to continue my Nightmare Campaign soon with The Ring Goes South!

As I mentioned last time I’m not going to delve too far into the new Nightmare Saga cards in my spoiler articles as I will eventually cover the quests in more detail when I review them in my Nightmare Saga Campaign so that’s enough of my ramblings for now! Only the spoilers for Nightmare Road to Isengard remain for now and I will get them up as soon as I can.

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