Nightmare The Uruk-Hai – Spoilers

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Today we have the spoilers for the Nightmare version of the Saga quest The Uruk-Hai. The first quest of the Treason of Saruman Saga box and one of several quests in our beloved game that features captive heroes. The normal version can be quite a challenge if you cannot cope with only having 2 of your 3 heroes and is not as easy as it appears at first glance. It does not feature any especially tough enemies except perhaps the Orc leaders Grishnakh and Ugluk and many of the locations have beneficial effects even if they do also increase the pursuit value. I expect that the Nightmare version will seriously ramp the difficulty of this quest and it also seems like it removes most of the beneficial locations from the encounter deck.

As we can see from the slideshow above the Nightmare version includes two new Orc leaders/bosses as well as several very nasty locations and treacheries. We do however see one new beneficial location that can help you reduce the pursuit value by 3 points. Perhaps the Nightmare version of this quest is not so bad after all. The two new mini bosses seem pretty nasty though and the setup/nightmare card is pretty nasty as it adds one of these new mini bosses to the staging area at a certain point in the quest. I’m not going to delve too far into the new Nightmare Saga cards in my spoiler articles as I will eventually cover the quests in more detail when I review them in my Nightmare Saga Campaign. Hope you enjoy the spoilers! I’ll try to get the rest of the spoilers for Nightmare Treason of Saruman up soon.

Link to the imgur album for bigger images:


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