Nightmare The Road to Isengard – Spoilers

Here are the final Nightmare spoilers for the Treason of Saruman Saga Deluxe Box; the cards included in the Nightmare version of The Road to Isengard. The original version of this quest is one of my favourite saga quests due to the fantastic Ent objective allies and how well the developers made Saruman into a unique and challenging boss enemy. I always try to defeat Saruman and beat Stage 3 as quickly as possible because he can quickly ruin your chances of winning thanks to his additional attacks whenever players draw cards and his triggering of Wizardry effects when they are dealt as shadow cards to him. Without any further ado here are the various new cards included in the Nightmare version of this quest:

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The Nightmare version features a few additional Wizardry effects on the new locations. It also as usual has a few new enemies and some very nasty new treacheries.
One of the new enemies is a Half-Orc which is something we have not seen yet in the game and is to me at least quite exciting. You can clearly see in the art that this forsaken creature is very man-like but also has plenty of Orcish qualities as well. His face and hair are the main area that show he is part man and his physique, eyes and skin tone show he is part Orc. I hope that we see some other interesting enemies like this moving forward and I especially hope to see some Olog-Hai at some point in the Saga Campaign or at least the Nightmare Saga Campaign. The Half-Orc of Isengard is not only a very interesting foe but is a fearsome enemy  as well being able to swing for a whopping 6 attack if you do not or can not discard a random card from your hand when it attacks. The new location Poisonous Shaft is another particularly nasty new card that also has a horrid Wizardry effect that can really punish you for having damaged characters. The new treachery Daunting Power seems incredibly awful as well and it can completely stop you from attacking any enemies for an entire turn which could be just the help Saruman needs to ultimately take your heroes out and defeat you!

I’m not going to comment on the other cards included in this Nightmare quest as I will be reviewing them properly later down the track in my Nightmare Campaign. I hope you enjoyed the Nightmare spoilers for all three of these new Nightmare Saga quests. They all have absolutely amazing art and some truly terrible mechanics and effects. I cannot wait to be punished by them!! Back to Turn by Turn reports and Nightmare Reviews until we get some new Nightmare quests in the future.

Here are links to the imgur album’s for all three Nightmare quests for those who want to see larger versions of the images and art
Nightmare The Uruk-Hai:
Nightmare Helm’s Deep:
Nightmare The Road to Isengard:


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