Warriors Of The West is a blog for the LOTR Living Card Game run by a Tolkien enthusiast.

More than anything it is simply a place for me to post and share turn by turn reports of gameplay. Feedback and comments are always welcome so feel free to do so. Other content will be added eventually.

I play two handed solo so everything I post will be biased towards two handed/two player. I truly believe that two players or decks is the sweet spot for the game and allows not only the encounter deck to function properly but also allows you to utilize all player card abilities including abilities like Ranged and Sentinel.

I follow the “two decks to rule them all” style of play in which I always use the same two decks for all games but I am constantly updating and improving the decks based on new player cards or even just new combinations and interactions I discover so they are always in a state of flux. Here is the most current published version of the decks: http://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/1492

*Although this is the most recent published version of the decks I am actually running the Galadriel hero instead of Galdor now and have made several other changes to the decks to support this